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About Eunoia

Eunoia Proecss Eunonia

We are a Revenue Cycle Management organization, working with healthcare providers in the US. We focus not only to reduce costs for our customers but more importantly to bring about process optimization with the aim to assist healthcare professionals to devote quality time towards their core task – patient care. Our services involve:

  • Medical Billing
  • Medical Coding
  • Collections
  • Claim filing
  • Business Analytics & Reporting

"Eunoia Process Solutions is a captive arm of one of the leading Specialty Clinics based in Houston and Multinational Medical Consultants of Houston, Houston. IMC is backed with rich experience of Dr. Kamini Kapoor, who has practiced medicine for 35 years. She brings with her key insights of the market practices owing to her strong network of medical practitioners."

We aim to focus on bottom of the pyramid in healthcare industries, i.e. providing bespoke solutions for practitioners and clinics with least usage of technology today, and enable them focusing on their core, while managing their revenue cycle, improving it while building efficiencies over a period of time.

Work Culture

We understand that the healthcare sector is becoming more and more challenging due to limitations and restrictions in place by payers. Also, time plays a critical role in doctors being able to serve more patients. With this in mind, we aim to deliver end-to-end services for healthcare management while focusing on Revenue Cycle Management for the doctors we work with, resulting in seamless medical billing process and faster turnaround down the line.

And, in order to deliver core services, we have built the foundation on our capabilities to tie-up 3 pillars, that are instrumental in services we provide to our customers.







Operations Model

Eunoia Proecss Eunonia

Eunoia’s approach is based on our customers’ ease and comfort to ensure that any transition of processes is minimally disruptive. Our offerings include either:

  • Working on our customers’ existing platform, hence building up on their strengths while bringing in process efficiencies.
  • Proposing cloud based solution covering patient management and revenue cycle management, and enabling our customers to get best value for their money.

Even though healthcare is one industry, each customer based on practice trade and technology usage would have a different problem statement. Thus, our operationsare structured to understand as is process scenario, identify and quantify problem statement, then bring over the process as is and then work systematically towards improvement. We believe that improvement is a continual process, thus our team shall work continuously on solving today’s problems. While doing this, we shall work on futuristic approach, for giving our customer’s an edge optimizing business processes, keeping up with latest progressions in the industry.

We believe our team would prove to be our greatest USP, having first-hand knowledge of the practitioner’s practices and processes.

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